Altos de Maria

Around 21 coffee growers from Santa María, Huila with average farm size of 3 and 5 hectares

Altos de María coffee is grown in Santa María, a small town located in the north of the department of Huila, close to the border with Tolima. The small town is characterized by its beautiful sites, where you see cascades and waterfalls, amazing mountain views, and viewpoints where you can see the beautiful Magdalena valley from above, making it an important touristic region. The ancient indigenous tribes that settled in this town were the Paeces and Pijaos, which marked the story of this small town with traditional practices. Santa Maria is a coffee town. Coffee is the main economic activity in the region and for this reason, there is a statue of two coffee beans in the central park and annually, the town hosts the Specialty Coffee Fair of Santa María.

Coffee from this region is special because is grown in an ideal microclimate. This is a region with a relatively cold weather, with mountainous and fertile soils.

Atlos de María coffee is very balanced with sparkling body and notes of red fruits, bright, complex, and a good aftertaste.

Farm Varieties

Santa María


1,600 – 2,000 MASL

Technical info

First semester: April – September
Second semester: November – January

Processing Method

Fully washed and fermented on tanks at each farm for 18-28 days.


Avocado, Nogals, and Cachingos.

Drying Method

Sun and air-dried on parabolic patios and Casa Helda.