Cerro Campana

Over 70 small-scale coffee growers from Cajamarca

North to the city of San Ignacio in Peru, there is a very unusual mountain, full of life and mystery. Cerro Campana is known for its unusual shape and there are countless legends and stories told by people in the region about events that have taken place there. Apart from being mysterious place, Cerro Campana is also a private conservation area, in order to protect the vast biodiversity of 254 species of flora and 118 species of fauna.

Although there are many stories that originate from this mountain – some believe that this area used to be used for human sacrifices by the Mochica culture – the name comes from Christian origins. Over Easter or Holy week, as it is called in Peru, both on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday bells have been heard coming from the mountains. Nobody knows exactly where from, but many people claim to have heard the same thing resulting in the mountain adopted its name the “Bell Mountain”. Even today, over Easter, locals listen out for the sound of the bells through the wind. The coffee for this blend is produced in this magical place.

This coffee has notes of red fruit, peach, bright acidity, juicy and long aftertaste

Farm Varieties



San Ignacio




1,550 – 1,900 MASL

Technical info

June – October

Processing Method

Fully washed.


Full Shade.

Drying Method

Sun dried at each farm.