The northern part of Peru has started to get recognition in the last years for its production of high-quality coffee. Finding producers who have made the switch from traditional coffee practices to once that are focused in improving the quality of coffee and planting other varieties that allow them to achieve more. One of the districts in the north, in San Ignacio, whose economy mostly is focused on coffee is Chirinos. This district has a long story as it was first established in 1549 by the Spanish captain Diego Palomino in another location but because circumstances moved and foun- ded in its current place, with later in history being formally established by the Peruvian government as a town in 1955. This district has ideal characteristics to produce coffee due to the forests that surround it such as Nueva Esperanza and Chinchiquilla and the Mushca mountain. It has a varied flora and fauna, with incredible waterfalls and water springs.

Caravela started working in the area with its PECA team around 2019, and it has been some years of stablishing relationships and working alongside the producers to achieve a good quality coffee. With this in mind, the brand Chirinos was created in 2022 to showcase these coffees, the progress that has been achieved and the amazing work of the producers of this district.

Farm Varieties
Average Farm Size

2 to 3 Hectares




San Ignacio




1,650 – 2,000 MASL

Technical info

June – October

Processing Method



Cedar, Romerillos, and Guabas.

Drying Method

Solar dryers