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Mountainous, mystical and a nation proud of the coffee they produce. In our flagship origin we work directly with small-scale producers in four departments: Cauca, Huila, Nariño and Tolima.

Coffee was introduced to Colombia in the 17th century but the first coffee export wasn’t until 1835. The opening of the Panama Canal made exporting coffee easier and the Colombian Coffee Federation’s successful ‘Juan Valdez’ marketing campaign positioned Colombian coffee as the world’s best.

Today, Colombia is the third largest coffee exporter after Brazil and Vietnam, with the vast majority of producers being small-scale farmers. Arabica is the only species cultivated, and when matched with the rich soils, high altitudes and varied micro-climates one might expect to find at the convergence of three tectonic plates (the Nazca, Caribbean, and South American) experienced cafeteros harvest consistently delicious coffees. Most of the growing regions in Colombia have two harvest cycles per year, ensuring availability almost year-round.

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Familia Imbachi

Caturra, Bourbon, Colombia.

José Hernan Quintero

Typica, Caturra, Bourbon, Geisha.

Jairo Humberto Lopez

Caturra, Typica, Yellow Bourbon.

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