Don Fernando


San Fernando is a colectivo or community group of high-quality coffee produced by small and medium-sized coffee growers in dierent nearby communities and towns around the municipality of San Fernando, Nueva Segovia. Today, people in this region and its surrounding produce coffee as their mean economic activity, but they also produce corn and beans while they are in-between harvests.

The first coffee plantations in Nueva Segovia were established in the beginning of the 19th century. Some of the communities inside San Fernando such Las Carmelitas, San José, El Ural amongst other are well known for producing high quality coffee. However, some of the producers consider that the coffee from this region it not always appreciated as it should be, but significant efforts have been made over the years though Caravela and the PECA team This community lot honors Don Fernando Herrera, a well-known man who founded this municipality back in 1897. Additionally, he was one of the first coffee producers in San Fernando encouraging others in the community and Nueva Segovia department to get involved in coffee production.

This coffee is a good example of sweetness, with aroma of brown sugar, notes of caramel and hazelnut combined with plum syrup, its medium juicy acidity lingers and leaves a pleasant mouthfeel.

Farm Varieties
Average Farm Size

15 Hectares




San Fernando, Dipilto


Nueva Segovia


1.400 – 1.500 MASL

Technical info

December to March

Processing Method

Fully washed and fermented at each producer micro mills at each far.


Pines and Forest trees.

Drying Method

Dried on shaded raised beds at our beneficio in La Estrella in Ocotal, Nueva Segovia.