El Aguacate

Around 50 coffee growers, members of Group Asociativo El Aguacate

In the 2005 Colombian Cup of Excellence, a farmer named Gregorio Arnulfo Botina won the competition. The winner was a farmer from “El Aguacate” farm in Sandoná, Nariño. However, neither the juries nor the spectators knew that the lot was actually a blend of 19 different producer lots, none of which had presented themselves before in the competition.

It took some time to finally be able to work with this group due to the severe rust outbreak in 2008 that drastically affected the area. However, in 2013, after some leadership and quality workshops with the group’s members, we were able to establish relationships and opened a cupping lab and warehouse in Santa Barbara in order to purchase their best coffee.

The town of Sandoná is settled along the skirts of the Galeras Volcano. The people from this small, yet beautiful, town dedicate themselves mainly to growing coffee and sugar cane. However, they are also famous for their traditional hats hand-crafted by amazing artisans who spend months making them.

“El Aguacate has a round body with a green apple acidity and notes of syrup and cherry.”

Farm Varieties





1,700 – 2,000 MASL

Technical info

May – July

Processing Method

Traditional fully washed in micro-milis at each farm. Fermented in cement tanks for 14 to 24 hours.


Plantain, banana and guamos.

Drying Method

Dried on each farm in green houses and roof drying patios with beds.