El Ata

Small scale producers from the municipality of Planadas

Beneath the shadows of the beautiful Nevado del Huila and surrounded by the Ata River, lies the town of Planadas. This active volcano, combined with the rivera of the Ata River, has given the region fertile volcanic soils and a range microclimate that matched with farmer’s dedication and hard work has resulted in a unique cup profile. This region in Colombia had serious security issues in the past due to the guerrilla presence. For over five decades, Planadas did not have the social or economic development that much of the rest of Colombia experienced, and for this reason the area feels a little lost in time. Now that peace has returned to region, coffee growers can one again grow their coffee with pride and care.

For the inhabitants of Planadas, their Ata River has been inspiration to create songs, has been the setting to many love stories and many adventures, and has been part of lives of dozens of coffe growers in the region where they go on holidays to take a rest

“El Ata is bright, tropical and complex. Expect notes of red fruits like sweet plum and cherry and milk chocolate”



Farm Varieties





1,650 – 1,900 MASL

Technical info

1st semester: May-August
nd semester: October – December

Processing Method

Traditional fully-washed and fermentation process (>+24 hours)


Semi-shaded with plantain trees.

Drying Method

Sun-dried on parabolic patios and Casa Heldas.