El Conjuro

Over 60 coffee growers with around 2-3 hectares each

Along the highlands that surround city of Jaen, there is a hilltop that the Peruvians call Cerro Conjuro. The story says that a couple of decades ago, some missionaries brought to this community two crucifixes. One of them, was placed on the top of Cerro Conjuro in Colasay and the other in the entrance of the community of Chotantlí. Both crosses were placed to protect the community from the bad and the plagues. They called it the Cruz del Conjuro. Every year in May, they celebrate Christianity by climbing to Cerro Conjuro motivated by their faith. For the inhabitants of this region, these crosses symbolize the light of the sun and the moon. People walk all the way from Colasay to the other cross located in Chontalí, where they dance, drink, and eat to celebrate their faith.

The coffee from El Conjuro represents the coffee producers’ devotion for what they love. The group of coffee growers that contribute to El Conjuro mainly produce Caturras and Bourbons, they are part of the most advanced producers in terms of knowledge and experience. This wonderful region is privileged by perfect microclimates and ideal soils, creating superlative conditions for the best coffee.

This coffee is fruity, with notes of raspberry, berries, dark chocolate, orange and medium body.

Farm Varieties







1,600-2,100 MASL

Technical info

May – November

Processing Method

Fully washed and fermented for 35-45 hours


Paujrillo, Guabas and wood trees.

Drying Method

Dried unver covered solar marquesinas.