El Diablo


The Natural Reserve Cerro Datanli – El Diablo is a high massif located between the cities of Matagal-pa and Jinotega. It’s a magical place, where birds and butterflies dance around the coffee trees that cling to impossibly steep mountainsides in the shade of the lush cloud forest.

The name of this coffee comes from the mountain range that forms part of the nature reserve Datanlí – El Diablo, in the Isabelia mountain range. Datanlí is an indigenous word that means “where water falls.” This region is one of the richest and most diverse ecosystems in Jinotega, a place with beautiful and impressive forests, where the water sources originate at the top of the mountains and flow all the way down to the farms of countless coffee growers below. The water that flows from this beautiful reserve helps these producers, combined with favourable climatic conditions and much hard work, with the production of their specialty coffees.

This coffee has notes of chocolate, red fruits, medium body, and malic acidity.

Farm Varieties
Average Farm Size

20 – 25 Hectares




Jinotega, San Rafael del Norte, San Sebastian de Yali.


1,100 – 1,400 MASL

Technical info

January to March.

Processing Method

Washed and natural.


Ingas, Musaceae, Forest trees.

Drying Method

Dried on shaded raisedbeds at our beneficio in La Concordia.