El Mirador


The El Mirador blend honors the “Chuchumatanes”, which is the highest non-volcanic mountain range in Central America, located in western Huehuetenango. This natural formation is the perfect lookout, or in Spanish “Mirador.” It sits at an incredible 3,837 m.a.s.l. with breathtaking views across the smaller mountains and valleys below. From generation to generation the word “Cuchumatán” has been used among Guatemalans. It derives from the Mam language, the most widely spoken Mayan language in Huehuetenango. This word is composed of two smaller words; “cuchuj” (to join or unite) and “matán” (with superior force) to convey the message of being “gathered or united by a superior force”. This is an idea, which maybe you have felt before, when you think about how all the small decision that have brought you to a certain place or in meeting certain people, seem more than just coincidence. Without a doubt, the department of Huehuetenango has a superb variety of wildlife, biomasses, microclimates, and foothills of nutrient rich soils covered by volcanic ashes, and this is where the farms that make up this coffee blend are nestled.

This coffee has notes of berries, grapes, raisings, red fruits, caramel, chocolate with a silky body and balanced acidity.


Farm Varieties
Average Farm Size

1.5 Hectares




La Democracia, San Pedro Necta, Todos Santos Cuchumatanes, Unión Cantinil, Cuilco, La Libertad.




1.400 – 2,000 MASL

Technical info

January – April

Processing Method

Washed. 24 to 36 hour dry fermention.


Chalum, Banana, Avocado, Oak, Citrus native trees.

Drying Method

Sun-dried on concrete patios, raised beds and nylon tarps.