El Nogal

Group of small-scale producers from Huehuetenango

The El Nogal coffee blend grows in Huehuetenango, locally known as “Huehue”, a department located in western Guatemala that borders Mexico to the north. Huehuetenango is not only unique for its ethnic composition, being one of the most diverse departments in the country, with 8 distinct groups that speak their own languages, but it is also rich in biodiversity with perfect climate and micro-climates for growing coffee and other magnificent trees. The Walnut or Walnut Tree is one of the 500 tree species that exist in the country today: an imposing tree that reaches up to 22 meters high and is cultivated for its wood, aromatic leaves, and edible fruit. It is often common to find this ancient tree within nature reserves near the coffee plantations. These trees can be seen from the highest peaks on the farms, or from afar in the forest when traversing the coffee lands around Huehuetenango.

Producers who proudly contribute to the El Nogal are small-scale, with an average farm size of 4 hectares, cultivating varieties such as Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon, and Pache forming a delightful match between flavor and consistency. This coffee is possible thanks to the teamwork carried out by coffee community and the quality approach that is engrained in their processing and farming practices.

This coffee blend is very aromatic, just like the nogal leaves, with notes of apple, sweet vegetables, caramel and cashew, with a creamy body and a sweet aftertaste.

Farm Varieties

La Democracia, La Libertdad, San Antonio Huista, San Pedro Necta, Unión Cantinil




1,200 – 1,800 MASL

Technical info

December to March

Processing Method

Fully washed and traditionally fermented on average for 30 hours


Oak trees, Chamlum, Ingas and native trees.

Drying Method

Fully-sun dried on raised beds or concrete patios