El Pongo


Cusco is historical culturally and biodiversity rich department of Colombia. It has both part of the Andes with its imposing and huge mountains, plus it limits with the Amazon jungle on the east. The region of Cusco limiting towards the Amazon jungle, is affected by the climatic conditions of the jungle creating some ideal conditions to produce coffee. One of the main rivers which traverses this area and passes through the district where El Pongo coffee comes from is Calca is the Urubamba River. There is a specific spot in this river recognized for its immense biodiversity and beauty called El Pongo de Mainique. This part of the river is surrounded by cliffs that reach 1,200 meters in high and green luscious jungle mountains, an incredible which has appeared in movies. El Pongo reflects the diversity of producers that compose this brand and the coffee they deliver.

Caravela started working with coffee farmers of the district of Yanatile, part of Calca, in 2020. The first producers where from an area called Naranjayoc, a place in the border of Cusco with the department of Madre de Dios. The quality potential with the producers of Yanatile is incredible, plus they are committed and aware of taking care of the environment and having sustainable farming practices.

Farm Varieties
Average Farm Size

1 to 2 Hectares






1,400 – 2,000 MASL

Technical info
June – October
Processing Method



Cedar, Pacay, Guava and other native trees.

Drying Method

Solar dryers or tarps over wooden planks