El Tigre

Group of small-scale coffee growers from Santa Maria Ozolotepec in Oaxaca

In ancient times, Ozolotepec was an inaccessible jungle due to the bears, tigers, lions, monkeys, and other wild animals that lived there. The first settlers came to the area escaping war. Life was difficult for indigenous communities at that time, so many preferred to flee to the most secluded mountains – the jungle’s heart.

Nowadays, the community of Ozolotepec continues to be inhabited by indigenous people from the Sierra Sur in Oaxaca. The rural location means that coffee growers have to walk for many hours to harvest the coffee and process it with artisanal equipment. To access this community, people travel around 5-hours through a jungle route surrounded by beautiful coniferous forest, leading up to heights of 3400 MASL. These mountains then descend to a warm rainforest area, which houses vegetation and pasture with a pleasant climate and an extraordinary landscape.

Consequently, pine forestry and coffee are the primary sources of income. Coffee in this area has allowed farmers to thrive through working as a community and preserving coffee culture, a legacy for the country. This coffee blend represents the effort, the struggle, and the desire to safeguard coffee culture and support indigenous communities in Mexico. El Tigre embodies these farmers, braveness, and fierce drive to get ahead in life.

El Tigre has notes of brown sugar, roasted almonds, orange combined with a hint of ripe fruit and a medium to full body. 

Farm Varieties



Santa Maria Ozolotepec




1,300 – 2,000 MASL

Technical info

November – April

Processing Method

Traditional fully washed process at each grower’s artisanal micro-mill and fermented from 20 to 36 hours depending on the weather.


Huajinicuil, Milenaria, Ingas and native trees

Drying Method

Fully sun-dried over straw mats or on raised beds