El Yalcón

36 small-scale coffee growers, members of the cooperatives Occicafe and Global Cafés

El Yalcón is a Colombian specialty coffee produced by small scale growers in the municipality of La Plata. The name comes from the Indigenous pueblo that used to be where La Plata is today. This indigenous settlement was taken over in the late 16th century when the Spanish arrived in the region. They came looking for gold but instead found silver, which is why the name was changed to “La Plata”. This indigenous community left its mark however and although the name of this settlement has been changed, El Yalcón will never be forgotten.

This special coffee is the result of many years of collaboration between Caravela and the cooperatives Global Cafes and Occicafe. There are 36 small and medium sized coffee producers from La Plata and El Pital who make up this coffee. These farms range from 1 to 5 hectares and are mostly located at higher altitudes – above 1,500 MASL. They are also mostly cultivated with traditional varieties such as Caturra and Typica. In order to guarantee a consistent quality and cup profile, every single lot delivered – no matter its size – is physically analyzed and cupped. Only the best lots that fit the El Yalcón profile are selected.

“This coffee is a great example of a balanced, round and sweet Colombian cup, with notes of dark chocolate, citrus peel, red cherries and caramel.”


Farm Varieties

La Plata and El PItal


1,500 – 1,900 MASL

Technical info

First semester: April-July
Second semester: November-January.

Processing Method

Washed process at the farms.


Plantains, banana, Guamos and Cachimbo trees.

Drying Method

Fully sun-dried in covered patios and African beds.