Illary Tamaya


We have the amazing fortune of finding women in the region of Quillabamba, managing their own farms and sustaining their families through coffee production. These women work very hard, striving to produce a high-quality product to improve their incomes and offer their families and children a better quality of life. These coffees deserve to be known internationally and these producers deserve to receive the recognition for their hard work. Illary Tamaya coffee blend honors the strength of working women, those who through their roles and tasks, manage to stand out for their amazing skills and discipline. The women that produce coffee for Illary Tamaya are leaders and influencers in their region for the quality of their coffee and the significant volumes that they produce. They are women that are mothers and fathers to their kids, and despite all the additional burden they have at home, they are role models for what they do and how they work, and they provide employment for many people in their communities. They manage to balance their personal and professional lives perfectly; they are strong women.

These women’s farms are located in a beautiful region surrounded by virgin forests and mountains. Hence, they are blessed to have a huge diversity of flora and fauna that contribute not only to the beauty of the region, but to the organic production of coffee.

This coffee has notes of dry fruits, caramel, chocolate with floral notes with a creamy and consistent body.

Farm Varieties



La Convención




1,500 – 1,900 MASL

Technical info

June – August

Processing Method

Fully washed


Plantain, oranges, among others.

Drying Method

Fully sun-dried on beds and patios