La Angostura

Group of small-scale producers from Chiapas

The Rio Grijalva is the powering force behind La Angostura, an ambitious dam and reservoir in Chiapas Mexico. This river starts its journey near the board of Guatemala, with the source coming from the Guatemalan highlands before makings its way into the Lagunas de Colon and then on to the dam. This huge body of water irrigates and provides water to many of the coffee farms in the region, blessing thousands of coffee producers in the region with water for their coffee production, vegetables, staples, and electricity for their homes.

The coffee farms here are found all over the highlands, in the area close to this dam. These highlands and farms are made even more famous for being part of the Triunfo Biosphere Reserve, one of the last of the central American cloud forests – a hub of biodiversity and beauty. Just as the river joins Mexico to the Central America so does this reserve and the resulting coffee profiles are special collaboration between people and nature.

This coffee has notes of raisins, sugar cane, cocoa, light citrus with a balanced body.


Farm Varieties



Chicomuselo, Jaltenango de La Paz.




1,500 – 1,800 MASL

Technical info

January – March

Processing Method

Traditional fully washed process in micro-mills at each farm.


Native trees.

Drying Method

Sun-dried on patios and raised beds.