La Cordillera


La Cordillera is produced by small-scale coffee growers, settled in la Cordillera of Dipilto, a nature reserve with a wide biodiversity of flora and fauna, located very close to the boarder of Honduras. Within this mountain range, the highest peak in Nicaragua can be found, the Cerro Mogotón, which reaches the grand height of 2106 MASL. Within this ecosystem, various water sources are born, they are the lifeblood of the flora and fauna of this region, a region that is also famous for its delicious coffee. In fact, it ́s known as the capital of specialty coffee in Nicaragua.

The region is also popular for the annual celebration of the Guadalupe Virgin feasts. The Virgin refe-rred to is often called the Virgen de la Piedra, a large statue that looks down over the region from a sacred monument in Dipilto. Dipilto has become a well-known specialty coffee area due to condi-tions created by the wide biodiversity, high elevations, fertile soils, and varying microclimates

Farm Varieties
Average Farm Size

15 – 50 Hectares




Dipilto, Mozonte, San Fernando and Jalapa.

Nueva Segovia

1.300 – 1.600 MASL

Technical info

December to April.

Processing Method

Washed and Naturals.


Ingas, Musaceae, Forest trees.

Drying Method

Dried on shaded raisedbeds at our beneficio in La Estrella in Ocotal, Nueva Segovia.