La Falda


La Falda comes from the municipality of Garzón, in Huila. This brand started a the end of 2015, when the first coffees where purchased to showcase the coffee of this area. The name La Falda comes from the topography of the area due to its location in a mountainous area in the skirt of the eastern mountain range of Colombia and the view of such mountains from afar that look similar to the drapes of a skirt.

Garzón, was founded in 1783, being one of the main municipalities in the area as it is in the path of a road that connects to the south of Colombia. This helped in its development with the two main economic activities being coffee and cattle. The coffee farms tend to be on the outer part of the municipality in the slopes of the eastern mountain range where the ideal soil for coffee is found, with the farms being in an elevation range between 1,450 masl and 2,000 masl. The weather tends to be temperate, so the coffee trees don’t need too much shade. Geographically, the farms are located on steep slopes which define the general landscape of the area. The average temperature is 20ºC with an average rain during all the year, having predominately acid soils due to being close the Andean more of Miraflores. Garzon is rich on water sources counting with important rivers such as Garzón, Majo and Las Damas which flow into the Magdalena, one of the main rivers of Colombia. This agro-climatic characteristics help in the quality of this coffee and its profile: red fruits, citric, caramel, and medium body. 

Farm Varieties
Average Farm Size

3 Hectares




1,450 – 2,000 MASL

Technical info

First semester: April – July
Second semester: September – December

Processing Method



Cambulo, Carbonero, Nogal, Guamo, among others.

Drying Method

Sun-dried on parabolic covered patios and Casa Helda.