La Huaca

Around 25 coffee growers from the community of Huabal with around 2-3 hectares in average

La Huaca is a Peruvian specialty coffee produced by a group of dedicated small-scale coffee producers in the community of Huabal, in Cajamarca. The culture of this community is highlighted by Christianity, sports like soccer and good and hardworking people. These 25 coffee growers that contribute to La Huaca are part of a bigger group of coffee growers that got together to work towards the development of specialty coffee, resulting in an improvement of the quality of life of many coffee growing families in the region.

The name La Huaca originates from a famous story of the region: a group of people was walking through the highlands of Huabal when one of them almost tripped and fell on a rock. When they detailed the rock, they noticed that it looked like a huaca, or a place in which indigenous tribes used to carry out religious rituals and ceremonies and known for being buried on purpose. For this reason, people believe that in these lands, where coffee is produced in Huabal, there are many Huacas that have been buried for centuries.

This coffee has notes of chocolate, orange, medium body and fresh.

Farm Varieties







1,500 – 2,000 MASL

Technical info

June – August

Processing Method

Fully washed and processed on each farm


Guabas and wood trees.

Drying Method

Dried on raised beds under shade for 10-15 days