La Joya

Small-scale female coffee producers from La Palma, Chalatenango

Although not common, along the highlands of El Salvador, we sometimes find individual female coffee producers that strive to produce outstanding coffees and sustain their families. All these women and their coffees deserve to be known. We are proud to say that La Joya coffee is a community blend that represents and showcases the coffee that are being produced by these female coffee growers. They have proven to be strong, passionate, and nearly always more organized in terms of their farm management when compared to thier male counterparts!

The name La Joya, or the jewel in English, honors one of the most important archeological sites of Mesoamerica, la Joda de Cerén. This World Heritage Site was discovered by accident in 1976 and it represents a journey throughout the Mayan history and culture in Central America. It showcases the meaning of life of this precolombian culture.

Farm Varieties

El Salvador


La Palma




1,250 – 1,750 MASL

Technical info

January to April.

Processing Method

Traditional fully washed process.


Oranges and native trees.

Drying Method

Fully sun-dried on raised beds and patios.