Las Esmeraldas

Female small-scale coffee growers

All over Colombia, we are fortunate to find precious gems and stones. One that has always caught the eye of treasure hunters for centuries, such as the Spanish conquerors and until now, is the famous and well-known Esmeralda (emerald). With their captivating green and purity, Emeralds from Colombia are regarded worldwide by jewelers to be some of the best quality and most unique. Given the coffee that is produced in Huila, this name makes perfect sense. Most of the coffees that we find in Huila, are as captivating and beautiful gems that hide along the mountains, and best of all, some of this coffee is produced by female coffee growers of the region. Las Esmeraldas coffee is produces solely by female coffee producers from this region.

The producers behind this coffee are hard workers and very passionate. They use traditional methods to process and produce high quality coffee. They have been producing coffee for various decades, and despite the challenges, they have always produced their coffee with care and pride.

“Las Esmeraldas is a delicate and lasting coffee, whith notes of yellow fruit, peach, sugar and a velvety body” 

Farm Varieties



Tarqui, Guadalupe, La Plata.




1,500 – 2,000 MASL

Technical info

First semester: May – August
Second semester: October – December.

Processing Method

Fully washed and fermentation process.


Guamo, Urapan, Cachingo and Cedar trees.

Drying Method

Sun and air-dried on parabolic patios and raised beds.