Las Minas

Group of 8 small and medium-scale farmers from the department Baja Verapaz in Guatemala

The Sierra de las Minas Biosphere Reserve is home to more than 885 species of mammals and reptiles, representing 70% of all the species registered in the country. These inhabit both the protected area and the areas cultivated with coffee. This mountain range is made up of thorny forests to majestic cloud forests and mountain cliffs. It is also home to the national bird, the Quetzal, and it is here that some 63 rivers originate – providing water for consumption, agriculture, and hydroelectric use.

The farmers contributing to the Las Minas blend have their farms in this mountain range naturally supplied from the springs and rivers for coffee cultivation. They live in harmony with nature and maintain reserve areas within the plantations. The varieties they grow are Caturra, Pache, and to a lesser extent, they have begun to plant and harvest exotic varieties such as Maragogype and Pacamara. Most producers have changed and improved the picking and drying processes, which has allowed them to sell their coffee in the specialty market. This group of farmers also represent a commitment to improving quality in the area and doing things differently.

Las Minas is a sweet coffee with notes of caramel, sweet, sugar cane, nuts and light chocolate.

Farm Varieties



Cubulco, Rabinal, San Jeronimo


Baja Verapaz


1,500 – 1,800 MASL

Technical info

December to March

Processing Method

Fully washed and naturally fermented for 12 hours.


Native trees.

Drying Method

Fully-sun dried on raised beds or patios.