Las Orquideas

Female small-scale coffee growers

It is no secret that Colombia is well known, not only for its amazing coffee, but also for the beautiful flowers produced in the country. Colombia has an immense biodiversity of flora, but the orchid, the national flower, is the most emblematic and it’s found in various places around the country in its diverse varieties and forms. Las Orquideas coffee, produced in the region of Tolima, acknowledges this beautiful and elegant flower that represents the richness and tenaciousness of female coffee growers. As the orchids, which abound in the region, these coffees vary but they always stand out for their uniqueness.

The producers behind this coffee are fierce, resilient and go getters. They stand out in a world traditionally dominated by men in which, every day they decide to take the reins of their coffee farms and produce great coffee, always with passion and love for the product and the land. Their coffee acknowledges them and make them visible inside a competitive world. Additionally, in their mission to produce amazing coffee, these female coffee growers are also committed to protecting the environment, producing coffee organically with close attention to detail. These women are keen to continue learning in this journey of specialty coffee and continue improving the quality.

“Las Orquideas is coffee with an aromatic aftertase with notes of red fruit, blackberry, citric and a velvety body”

Farm Varieties

Planadas, Bilbao, Herrera, Rioblanco




1,600 – 1,800 MASL

Technical info

First semester: April – June
Second semester: November – December

Processing Method

Fully washed and fermentation process.


Cambulos, Dormilones, Plantain, Orange and Mango trees.

Drying Method

Sun and air-dried on parabolic patios and raised beds.