Los Monjes


Oporapa is a place of religious tradition. Early on Sunday mornings, the church is filled with people ready to worship. As the service progresses, more people arrive on foot or motorbike, seemingly unconcerned with being late. This tradition came into existence due to the importance of the monastery that sits in the mountains, just over an hour away from the town center. This monastery and the monks (Los Monjes) who founded it played an essential role in the cultural development of the entire region. The people of Oporapa would make pilgrimages to the monastery to seek the wise advice of the resident monks, and over time, this has led to the faithful community we know today.

In 2002, Oporapa was also one of the first places that Caravela exported coffee from. Caravela’s work in this municipality, combined with the hard work of the local population, has created certain interesting characteristics in the area. Agriculture is crucial for the economy of this municipality, with coffee being one of the most significant crops in the region. Oporapa possesses excellent agroclimatic conditions due to its location in the central cordillera, water sources and proximity to the Serranía de las Minas.

“This coffee has notes of vanilla, citrus, panela, almonds, melon, and an orange acidity with a velvety body, and a chocolate after taste.”

Farm Varieties
Average Farm Size

2,5 Hectares






1,250 – 1,900 MASL

Technical info

First semester: June – August
Second semester: October – December

Processing Method



Guamo, Cachingo, Cachingo and fruit trees.

Drying Method

Sun-dried on parabolic covered patios and covered raised beds.