Los Romerillos

13 small-scale producers from the department of Zamora

In the highlands of Zumba, a small city in the province of Zamora, a few kilometres away from the border with Peru, there is a canton called Los Romerillos. In the very beginnings of this small town, the main source of income for people in the region was through the sale of a fine type of wood from a type of tree called Romerillos. These people, who used to dedicate their lives to selling wood, decided a few years ago to become coffee growers, but kept the name of the vereda Los Romerillos as a link to the past.

Today, Zumba is home to the coffee fair – Bracamoros Coffee. The name is a reference of the very first inhabitants of this small town. Bracamoros were related to the indigenous tribes from the Amazon who settled on the borders of the Mayo-Chinchipe river, in the province of Zamora. This event involves some of the best specialty coffee producers from the region, with their organic and conventional lots. This event selects the best 100 producers which incentivizes the production of specialty coffee in the region as well as the country.

Farm Varieties





1,600 – 1,900 MASL

Technical info


Processing Method

Fully washed process in micro-mills at each farm and fermented in cement tanks for 18-24 hours.


Native trees, plantain, Guaba.

Drying Method

Dried in shade-cover ed patios.