Matambo is a Colombian specialty coffee produced by a group of dedicated small scale coffee producers from Gigante, Huila. This municipality is in the western skirt of the eastern Cordillera of Colombia, providing unique microclimates to produce these fantastic coffees.

The name Matambo originates from a famous myth: the love story between Mirthayú, the beautiful queen of the Michués, a native pre-Hispanic tribe, and her lover, the giant Matambo, the most valiant warrior in the region. Matambo was so strong and ferocious that he alone could fight an entire army, which he did many times to defend his own tribe from attacks. During his last battle, he lost trying to defend his right to be with the queen.

The environmental offer of Gigante is paramount to produce coffee with its steep mountains, light conditions and water which allow for a slow ripening of the cherry, mainly in the highest farms. Another factor are the winds coming down from the mountains, vital for the drying. Agriculture represents 70% of the economy of Gigante, with cacao and coffee being the main crops.

Matambo started in 2008 with five producers of Gigante who were selling and delivering coffee to the purchasing station in La Plata. Caravela, saw the potential of setting up a purcha- sing station in Gigante, and as such in 2009 it was established. With these five producers being the first ones of whom the coffee was bought directly in Gigante.

Farm Varieties
Average Farm Size

3.5 Hectares




1,350 – 1,850 MASL

Technical info

First semester: April – July
Second semester: Septiember – December

Processing Method



Guamo, Cedar, and fruit trees.

Drying Method

Sun-dried on parabolic covered patios and covered raised beds.