Mitad del Mundo

Small-scale producers

Mitad del Mundo, in English, Middle of the World is a blend of coffees grown in Ecuador. Ecuador is a small country, but rich in diversity and landscapes, from the Amazon jungle, to stunning Andean highlands where coffee is produced. Besides having beautiful culture and traditions, Ecuador is also characterized for its high-end, delicious coffees.

The Equator Line crosses this country and divides it in half, meaning half of the country in the Northern Hemisphere and the other half in the Southern Hemisphere. This specific lot from Mitad del Mundo is made up of coffee from the Southern Hemisphere, from the region of Loja. In Loja, the production of coffee is made easier through the favourable altitude, the climate, the flora, the fauna, and the beautiful and fertile mountains of the region. The environment in which this coffee is grown, creates a profile with a mix of flavours with cacao and fruits. Coffee in Ecuador is a symbol of hard work and individual achievement of small holders, who have made coffee their main source of income and the main employment generator in many regions.

Farm Varieties

Puyango, Quito, Chinchipe, Quilanga


Loja, Pichincha, Zamora Chinchipe

1,600 – 2,100 MASL.
Technical info

July – November

Processing Method

Fully washed process in micro-mills at each farm and fermented in cement tanks for 15-24 hours.


Plantains and Guabas.

Drying Method
Dried in shade-cover ed patios.