Ozolotepec is the name given to a town and the greater region in the southern mountain range in Oaxaca. For many years, the people of Ozolotepec were in disagreement with the people of the coast, and especially with those from the town of San Mateo. Fisher from this seaside town would sometimes come up into the mountain range to sell fresh fish and prawns, and although this was met with some level of skepticism, the mountain people would buy what the fisher oered. On one occasion, however, the fisher returned not only with their fish but also with much higher prices. The authorities of the town told the fisher that they either had to lower the price back to what it was or simply they would not be allowed to sell. Angry the fishers cursed the area and told the people to wait until the first rains of May. May arrived and with it a storm as no one had ever seen before, and slowly but surely, it began washing the town away.

One of the town elders was magical shapeshifter and knew that there was something more at work than just nature. With cotton and a needle, she started to sew a cloud that rose up to push the storm away. For nearly totally destroying their town, Ozolotepec declared war on the San Mateo and build up an army of people from the surrounding regions. As they were making their way towards the coast three elders from San Mateo came up to meet them to negotiate. They said the three fisher- men who caused the storm had been killed by the spell of the elder and that more than this, they wanted nothing more than peace between them. An agreement was reached and to this day the peace between these two groups continues, the descendants of these mountain people produce, amongst many other things, coffee, and every year when they may rain finally comes, they know that the peace will protect them from a storm that could otherwise wash their farms away. This coffee has notes of chocolate, almonds, caramel and a creamy body with peach and orange acidity.

Farm Varieties
Average Farm Size

1.5 to 3 Hectares




Santa Maria Ozolotepec




1,500 – 2,100 MASL

Technical info

January to March

Processing Method



Ingas, Avocado, Oranges, Pines, Liquidambar.

Drying Method

Sun-dried on concrete patios and palm mats.