Ar ound 5 small-scale producers from ver eda Peñaherrer a in Cotacachi, Imbabura

The Parroquia Peñaherrera is located in the south area of Intag, a remote, partlymountains area in the Cotacachi canton. This area is known for the Intag River and the presence of the Intag Cloud Forest Reserve, an area with much biodiversity and many microclimates. The Parroquia was founded on August 13th, 1920 and its inhabitants settled on the west side of the mountain range. This region is one of the most important watersources of Intag because it is home to the forest of Pajas de Oro, which is the source of the majority of the rivers th at ev entually wi ll re ach th e Intag River.

There are very few coffee growers in this region. Coffee production is not very popular here due to the lack of pickers and workers. A long time ago, when the area used to produce a lot of coffee there were some merchants that proved not to be trustful, so many farmers decided to give up on coffee and start growing other products. Many producers in this region don’t have micro-mills at their farms, so they sometimes sell theircoffee as cherries while other coffee grower in the region will process the coffee using the micro-mill of the few individuals th at do own them.

Farm Varieties





1, 700-1,900 MASL

Technical info

June – September

Processing Method

Fully washed proces s and tr aditionally fermented for 18-20 hours.


Plantains, cytric fruits, and nogal trees.

Drying Method

Fully sun dried on covered patios.