Alexander Murcia Flores


Alexander is a specialty coffee producer and expert in processing honey coffee in the El Aguacatal village. His farm Las Terrazas is in an area known for having a very district profile from other towns nearby. Previously, the farm used to grow vegetables for personal consumption and local sale.

Eight years ago, however, he decided to switch to coffee, and only three years ago, he started working in specialty coffee production. Now, Alex focuses on picking ripe cherries only, removes the pulp on the same day, and ferments the coffee on average for 15 hours. After this process, he transfers the coffee to the raised beds. 100% is dried on African-style beds. He says, learning to dry the coffee well has been not an easy task as mastering it has taken him a few years.

He learned coffee, maize, and bean production and construction from his father who taught him how to work the land. This knowledge has been crucial to advance in life. For Alex, one of the benefits of producing specialty coffee has been to change the fertilization plan and earn a higher income. This is important because he manages the farm alongside his wife and family members. In the future, Alex plans to buy more land, increase production, and continue having a healthy plantation and top-notch quality.

Farm Varieties
Total Farm Area

0.70 Hectares

Area in Coffee

0.70 Hectares


El Salvador


La Palma




1,300 MASL

Technical info

December to February

Processing Method

Honey and washed process fermented for 15 hours on average.


Guachipilin and Cujes

Drying Method

Fully sun-dried on raised beds for 14-16 days on average.