Alicia Collazos


Alicia is a coffee farmer from the municipality of Guadalupe, situated in the southern mountains of the Huila region in Colombia. It is here, in the slopes of these mountains that you find El Tesoro, because for Alicia, this farm is a Treasure. The farm was initially owned by her father and inherited by Alicia and her brothers, where they all work today. “It was all thanks to our father, he instilled in us the passion for agriculture, he encouraged us to continue with the family tradition.” she says. Alicia and her brothers have been producing coffee for since 1993 but made the leap to specialty coffee 8 years ago seeing that it would bring a better income if done right. In this process, they have learned to do harvest estimates and keep track of costs of production to make their harvest profitable. They have done an outstanding job in being able to produce great quality coffee and achieve consistency. As a family, they always work together with passion to always go the extra mile. The attention to detail and passion has taken them a long way, with the advice from the PECA team.

The plans for Alicia and his brothers are to maintain the quality and keep improving. They are looking to build a cable to easily transport the bags of cherry and the fertilizers throughout the farm. Also, they want to expand their drying station and improve the general infrastructure. They’re always looking ahead on how to innovate and want to leave a legacy for their kids. As parting message, Alicia and her brothers are proud of the coffee that they produce, and want you to know this coffee is a real treasure produced with love, joy and dedication.

Farm Varieties
Total Farm Area

7 Hectares

Area in Coffee

5,7 Hectares




1,700 MASL

Technical info

First semester: July – August
Second semester: September – November

Processing Method

Washed with 24 hours of dry fermentation.


Carbonero and nogal trees.

Drying Method

15 to 20 days in parabolic covered patios.