Beder Rupay


In the northern region of Cajamarca in Peru, up in the mountains of the luscious and green municipality of Jaen at 1,920 meters above sea level, we meet Beder Rupay at his farm El Conjuro. This name was chosen because the farm is overlooked by a mountain with the same name. Beder bought his farm 10 years ago when he decided to start his own coffee production incentivized by his father as a proposition to diversify his income. For Beder, it is a true family venture where heworks alongside his father, mother, sister, and uncle. They all carry on a specific task in the management of the farm to be able to achieve the quality of the coffee they are currently producing. It was three years ago when he decided to switch to specialty coffee. This had its requirements, which made him change certain things and have more attention to detail, which has resulted in a better quality of the coffee hence better income and quality of life. He has been able to have a better nutrition for the plants and constantly learning new things from other coffee producers and from the PECA team.

The biggest challenge he has, is year by year keep improving the quality of the coffee which means improving the farm management taking into account the implementation of environmentally friendly practices. The current goals are to improve the wet mill and build a better drying station. Beder is exited for what is to come and the challenges ahead to keep getting better.

Farm Varieties
Total Farm Area
5 Hectares
Area in Coffee
3 Hectares


1,920 MASL
Technical info

June – October

Processing Method

Fully washed with a fermentation of 24 to 36 hours.


Pajurillo and Guabilla trees.

Drying Method

Dried on patios from 10 to 15 days.