Carlos Lopez Pastrana


Carlos Lopez inherited his passion for coffee from his grandfather, Anastasio Hernández, who used to be a co­ffee producer that passed away many years of his life producing Typica variety. Carlos loved helping his grandfather on the farm, and over time, he became a noted coffee producer on this same land. Later, Carlos decided to purchase his farm, and continue working, following his grandfather’s steps and implementing everything Carlos had learned from the wise man. From the beginning, Carlos knew that his coffee was special, that his land had unique characteristics, and that he could produce amazing coffee. However, three years after starting to grow coffee on his own, Carlos Lopez lacked a little motivation and willingness to continue working on the farm. Prices weren’t reasonable, and he wasn’t profitable; his production decreased over time because his production costs were greater than his income, and he had no money left to invest and improve. Carlos started slowly abandoning his land, looking for other opportunities and other sources of income.

That was when, in 2016, Carlos met Caravela Coffee. Throughout a direct relationship, a process of education, a partnership, and months of commitment, Carlos started to come back and move his farm forward. Since then, he has achieved excellent quality results. Now, his coffee has international recognition, and it’s one of Nicaraguan’s favorite’s coffees. “My life has taken a turn since then. I have obtained higher coffee prices, and this has allowed me to improve, expand my land, and continue producing specialty coffee. I’ve improved the fertilization process and agricultural management, I now pay a better salary to the workers and give them better food, I’m protecting the water sources of the farm, I implemented better shade into my plantations, and all I’ve done to deliver better coffee to people around the world. Furthermore, I’m proud of the quality that I’ve achieved, but overall, the consistency of producing 85 or above point coffees.” says Carlos López.

Farm Varieties
Total Farm Area

112,416 Hectares

Area in Coffee

25,2936 Hectares






Nueva Segovia


1,709 MASL

Technical info

January – April.

Processing Method


Drying Method

Beds or strollers or drying module for 16 days.