Carlos Enrique Posada


Finca San Carlos II is located on a piece of land known as The Lagoon, in the municipality of La Palma. Many years ago, local ledged says that every time it rained, this region would transform into a big lagoon, until one day, when the lagoon became so big, it overflowed and there was nothing left until people started to re-inhabit the region.

wenty years ago, Carlos Enrique worked as an artisan in La Palma, Chalatenango. He used to make metal structures and figures to sell in El Gramal, a small town located in La Palma. He also used to grow vegetables and in his free time, he planted sorne coffee trees on his farm. With the passing of years, more and more of his farm began to be taken over by coffee, so he decided to dedicate himself full-time to it.

His father is also a coffee grower, so he took advantage of the lessons that he had learned from his family while growing up. His father’s farm is called San Carlos and that is why Carlos Enrique decided to name his farm San Carlos 11. Many years ago, he decided to start producing speciality coffee to achieve better prices, increase his quality of lite, and employ more people in the area. For Carlos Enrique, what makes his farm so special, besides the altitude and the varietals that are grown there, is the love and passion with which he and his family work, the good practices that they implement and the high quality which they produce. Carlos shared how one of his biggest challenges he has faced to pay for his children’s education with the income he receives from coffee, but he is grateful that coffee has allowed him to do this.

Today, Carlos has a prosperous farm, he is growing mostly Yellow Catuia, and Yellow and Red Pacamara, his favorite varieties! He is doing mostly washed coffee and fermenting for 24 to 36 hours on average, depending on weather conditions, and drying the coffee on raised beds and patios. He is also helping his dad José Felix Posada manage the farm activities, processing and drying.

Farm Varieties
Total Farm Area

10.5 Hectares

Area in Coffee

10.5 Hectares


El Salvador


La Palma




1,375 MASL

Technical info


Processing Method



Guachipilin, cuje, nascapilo, cujes.

Drying Method

Patio for 12 days.