Edilfonso Yara


Edilfonso Yara and Maribel Martinez, owners of Finca la Esperanza and parents of three girls, have a beautiful family business, distinct from many others in the coffee industry. Both come from traditional Colombian coffee-growing families. However, after they got married, Edilfonso’s father decided to make a complete lifestyle change and moved away from the farm to the local town. Edilfonso then chose to purchase the land from his father, where he had been born and raised. Typically, in the Yara Martinez home, both Edilfonso and Maribel wake up at 5 AM to carry out the daily operations, which are usually divided between them. For example, cherry picking is done by both of them on the steep slopes of their farms. Their three daughters live in Gigante, the nearby town, which is about 35 minutes away.

In addition to coffee, Maribel’s other passion is poetry, and she loves combining her passions by writing poems dedicated to coffee. She has a beautiful poem that narrates how they process their coffee with love and passion before delivering and selling it. “If you work as a family and seek unity, the environment will be different, and happiness will be found. I want to tell you, my friend, that the love in this house is always constant and that patience will lead the way to wealth.” These are some of the stanzas that Maribel writes and proudly recites every time someone visits. Every day, Edilfonso and Maribel work towards improving the quality of their coffee. Edilfonso only competes with himself; every day he strives to become better.

At the farm, the coffee process begins with careful and selective cherry picking done by Maribel and Edilfonso. The cherries are taken by them to the wet mill on the farm, where they are depulped with a slight amount of water. Then, they are fermented in the traditional open-air tanks for 36 to 40 hours. Following this step, the coffee is washed and taken to the first drying area of raised beds, but in the shade, where the coffee will be for 5 days. Afterwards, the coffee is moved to the other covered drying beds on the second floor, where it will receive more direct sunlight and reach its ideal humidity in approximately 12 to 15 days. When ready, the parchment will be selected, stored for about a week, and then delivered to Caravela’s purchasing station in Gigante.

Farm Varieties
Total Farm Area

2 Hectares

Area in Coffee

1.5 Hectares








1,686  MASL

Technical info

First semester: March – June.
Second semester: September – December.

Processing Method


Drying Method

Elda house for 25 days.