Edinson Nilton Vicente


On the northern province of Jaen, famous for its coffee production and mountains, Edison Nilton Vicente has his farm, La Palta, where he lives with his wife, Vanesa Castro. The name of the farms comes from palta tree that was at the beginning of the farm in the parcel, which was torn by harsh winds. However, after some time it survived and grew back, so Edinson decided to name the farm after that tree. Edinson has been involved in coffee all his life. As a little boy, he remembers seeing his father grow coffee and learning from him. When he was 22 years old, his father gifted him a parcel to start his own coffee production. Since then, he hasn’t looked back and discovered that coffee was a great option to dedicate his life to. In 2016, he started his path in specialty coffee, for which he considers himself an amateur and beginner. He was intrigued by the production of high-quality coffee and hence started experimenting. From the beginning, when he heard about specialty coffee, he knew it was for people who were patient, organized and willing to make improvements to their farms. Since entering this world of high-quality coffee, he has made significant changes to his farm, taking better care of his coffee, and managing his farm more adequately. With this change, he has found a challenge and a work that he wants to enjoy and hopes to become one of the best producers in the region. He is helped by his father and brother, and together they see the farm as a family business with great expectations.

Edinson Nilton starts his coffee process with careful manual cherry picking, which he then takes to his wet mill at the farm. There, he floats the cherries to remove any defective ones and foreign material. He then pulps the cherries and ferments the coffee in closed bags for 48 hours. He then dries the coffee for 7 days in his house patio.

Farm Varieties
Total Farm Area

2 Hectares

Area in Coffee

2 Hectares




1,500 MASL

Technical info

Main: May – August
Mitaca: July – August

Processing Method



Guaba, Platano

Drying Method

Patio for 7 days.