Edwin Burgos Garcia


Finca Los Pozitos was initially part of a big 210-hectare hacienda called Los Pozitos, owned by the Estatanges Family. In the 1980’s, the land was confiscated by the government, divided into pieces and distributed between 60 members of the Mauricio Altamirano Cooperative. In the 1990’s the government tried to compensate the former owners by returning part of the original property back to the Estatanges. With the passing of years, many members of the cooperative sold their parts to neighbours or others that were interested. This was when, in 2009, Edwin Burgos acquired 35 hectares of this land, 28 of which were planted with coffee. Edwin decided to call the farm Los Pozitos, to honour the land’s history.

Before acquiring the land, Edwin realised that the farm for a long time had been quite forgotten and abandoned. As a result, he knew that to get it up and running again would be no easy task. However, he managed to renovate the whole coffee plantation, planting traditional varieties which would be more likely to produce high quality coffees. Today, due to the great management and hard work of Edwin Burgos, he is now producing 10 times more than what was being produced when he started out at Los Pozitos. In the years that he has been working with coffee, Edwin has learned not only to be more productive and efficient, but to implement the proper and adequate processes to produce great quality coffee, consistently.

Farm Varieties
Total Farm Area

35 Hectares

Area in Coffee

28 Hectares








1,200 – 1,250 MASL

Technical info

December – March

Processing Method

Washed and fermented with water for 18-25 hours.


Avocato, Guabas, and Native trees

Drying Method

Dried on shaded raised beds at El
Beneficio La Estrella