Eswin Jhoel Flores


On the mountains of La Coipa, a district of Jaen, Eswin resides at his farm El Pajuro. He chose the name of the farm dueto trees he planted in the areapajuro, a plant which helps in preventing erosion and maintaining fertile soil. Eswin has been involved with coffee since 2013 and got into specialty coffee in 2018, making him the third-generation coffee producer. He remembers being close to coffee since he can remember, respecting the value of coffee and appreciating it as something that is going to be consumed and enjoyed by someone in the world. Since he started producing high-quality coffees, he made improvements to his processes, renewed parcels, and learned the importance of fertilization, a key factor for his coffee trees.

In his personal life, he was able to flnish his career in Agricultura! Production thanks to coffee and wants to apply all that he learned on his farm. Through specialty coffee, Eswin wants to be recognized by his community for the quality of his coffee and being able to sell it for a good price. At the farm, he is helped by his parents, who are his main driving force and reason to keep improving. When Eswin is not at his farm, during the offseason, he travels to Jaen to attend workshops and learn about more things to apply at his farm. He wants to continually improve and, for such, is planning on making sorne improvements to his drying area and wet mill.

For his coffee process, Eswin starts with a good picking of the cherries, being selective and trying to pick only the ripe ones. The cherries are then taken to the wet mill at the farm where they’re floated to remove any detective cherries. Afterward, the cherries are pulped, and the coffee left to ferment for 36 hours, and subsequently washed. The coffee is placed in plastic tarps to dry, where it will take from 15 to 18 days to be ready and then taken to Caravela’s purchasing station.

Farm Varieties
Total Farm Area
4 Hectares
Area in Coffee

4 Hectares


San Ignacio




1,864 MASL

Technical info

July – September.

Processing Method



Pajuro, Guaba.

Drying Method

Patio for 10 days.