Eynar Ortiz Falla

PARTNER’S NAME: amali dìaz 

Eynar’s past and childhood years were marked by coffee cultivation. His parents and grandparents taught him to produce coffee and instilled in him the passion for the product. Eynar has been working in his own coffee business for more than 20 years now and his expectations and goals have always been to improve the quality of the coffee he produces. One day in 2005, Eynar attended to a coffee workshop with other 26 coffee growers from the same region. When the workshop ended, they got together to speak about their challenges and expectations. That was when they decided to start a cooperative the 26 of them. This with the objective of strengthening the production and commercialization of coffee in the region. Since then, Eynar’s main motivation has been to produce specialty coffee that consumers all over the world can enjoy. 

Starting with the production of specialty coffee has been a huge change in Eynar’s economic life. The quality of their coffee has improved more than 100% and that is reflected in the price that they receive for the product. Everything that Eynar does on the farm, every activity and every process is thinking about how to improve in terms of quality, infrastructure, and as a person. What makes him most proud of his farm, is that it represents the fruit of his hard work. Every day, Eynar learns something new, and in the short-term, Eynar plans to renovate his drying stations and improve harvest after harvest.

In his process, Eynar does a careful selective harvesting process, making sure only perfectly ripe cherries make it to the wet-mill process. However, before de-pulping he does a cherry-resting process inside sealed GrainPro bags avoiding air to come in the bags. After over 12 hours of cherry rest, the coffee is de-pulped to continue with a fermentation process of 36 hours, which is also carried out in sealed bags. The drying process is done in parabolic covered patios. Eynar is extremely clean and careful in the entire process. Additionally, Eynar is very concious of the environment, and he has a great water treatment process to take care of the environment and avoid contaminating water sources. 

Farm Varieties
Total Farm Area

7 Hectares

Area in Coffee

5 Hectares








1,784 MASL

Technical info

Main: July – December.
Mitaca: January – June.

Processing Method

Washed. Semi-washed

Drying Method

Canopy or solar tent or roof for 20 days.