German Sánchez Peñuela


On the hills of the rural area of China Alta, near the city of Ibague, you’ll find German Sanchez taking care of his precious coffee trees at this farm. There, he lives with his wife, Miralba Gallego. The piece of land, the farm, has a long tradition as it was first acquired by his grandfather, who named it Samora, then his father took control of the farm and preserved the name. Eventually, German, through hard work, bought the farm from his father and preserved the tradition of keeping the original name of the farm. It was a huge accomplishment for German when he was able to purchase the farm and start his own operation around 2011. According to him, he has been involved in coffee from a really young age when he remembers helping his dad at the farm and learning about coffee. His parents are the ones to blame for the love and passion German feels and has towards coffee. It was until quite recently, in 2020 when he started producing high-quality coffee, which coincides with the time he got to know Caravela. Since he started producing high-quality coffee, his train of thought about coffee production has changed, which has moved him to change varieties, improve his process, and the general infrastructure of the farm. The biggest motivation for German to get into specialty coffee has been the prices, which in turn has allowed him to improve his crop and his quality of life. It has also kept him motivated, the recognition he has gotten due to the quality of his coffee. At the farm, his right hand is his wife, who helps in tasks such as post-processing and accounting. German is proud of what he has achieved with coffee as the effort he has made is seen on his coffee trees and the quality of coffee; it makes him want to continue and push forward.

For the process of his coffee, German starts with a good and selective picking of the ripe coffee cherries, always trying to avoid any green ones. The cherries are taken to the wet mill where they are going to be left in the reception container, without water, for a period of 12 hours after which they’re pulped. Subsequently, the coffee is fermented for a period of 36 hours and then washed either once or twice. Then the coffee is taken to the drying area, which is covered, until it reaches a 45% humidity level and then the drying is finished on a mechanical dryer with a controlled temperature of 36ºC. To finish it off, the coffee is stored at the farm for 15 days before being taken to Caravela’s purchasing station at Ibague.

Farm Varieties
Total Farm Area

8,5 Hectares

Area in Coffee

3 Hectares






1,879  MASL

Technical info

First semester: January – July.
Second semester: August – December.

Processing Method




Drying Method

Canopy or solar tent or roof for 0 days.