Guillermo Lomas Lopez


Every single day in Guillermo’s life starts with a cup of coffee. He loves drinking it, it is the best way to start off his day. This daily passion led him in the direction of coffee production, but he had no experience and was unsure as to where to start. In 2014, he decided to risk it and start planting what became his first coffee trees, there were very few opportunities in the region and he thought that this might be his way out of a dicult situation. The first year went really well, it was a year full of personal growth and self-learning. He started right from the beginning, having very little idea, and he learned from his mistakes, improving every day. For him, having a small plot of coffee and being able to produce specialty coffee is a dream come true because he did everything!

Guillermo’s first proper harvest was in 2016 with 540 kilograms of dry parchment. He was thrilled to know that right from the beginning, his coffee was considered specialty coffee. That same year, he participated in Taza Dorada, achieving the fifth position! And all because of the care he took of his coffee. Guillermo has had lots of challenges since he started this venture. He even considered giving up coffee production when he saw many diseased trees on his farm, but thanks to an agronomist that visited him and gave him technical assistance, he moved forward and he continues to produce great coffee.

Guillermo’s plans for the short term are to continue improving, producing better coffee and to start using cherry pulp as a fertilizer to be friendlier with the environment.

Farm Varieties
Total Farm Area

3 hectares

Area in Coffee

1.5 hectares






1,370 MASL

Technical info

March – September

Processing Method

Fully washed and fermented for 14 hours.


10% under shade with Guamo and Plantain.

Drying Method

Dried on covered raised beds and on covered patio.