Inyer Estiven Murcia


Inyer Stiven is a young and avid coffee producer, living on his farm, Buenos Aires, in the vibrant and scenic municipality of Planadas, tucked away in the central Cordillera of Colombia. He has been involved with coffee from a young age, surrounded by it and learning about it through his parents. The passion for coffee was instilled in him, and eventually, he bought his piece of land to start his coffee production. Recently, in 2022, he heard about Caravela as an option to sell his coffee from some neighbors, so he decided to try his luck, and from day one, the quality of his coffee was good. Since then, he has kept delivering coffee and strives day by day to learn more and keep improving. One of the main reasons for Inyer Stiven to produce specialty coffee has been the better prices he can get and finding a better market for his coffee, considering the current situations such as the high costs of production. For Inyer Stiven, what makes him proudest of his farm is that it is his company, his place of work, and what enables him to provide for his family. Every day he wakes up with all his might to give his best. His current goals, being new in specialty coffee, are to improve his general infrastructure and introduce new varieties to his farms to achieve better qualities.

The coffee process at Inyer’s farm starts with a good picking of the ripe cherries, avoiding defects and green ones, by the temporary workers he hires. The cherries are taken to the wet mill at the farm, where they are placed inside the cement baths, where the cherries are going to be left for a period of 24 hours. When the time has passed, they’re pulped with little water and left to ferment in the same cement baths for 36 hours. Subsequently, the coffee is washed and taken to the covered drying area, where it will take approximately 12 days to be ready, depending on the climate.

Farm Varieties
Total Farm Area

4 Hectares

Area in Coffee

3 Hectares






1,473 MASL

Technical info

First semester: May – June.
Second semester: November – December.

Processing Method




Drying Method

Canopy or solar tent or roof for 15 days.