Joel Hernandez Morales


Joel considers his family pioneers in the production of coffee in the remote highlands of Siltepec, Chiapas. Joel’s father had a farm and was the one in charge of spreading his knowledge and passion about coffee to the whole family. Joel used to help his father with some of the daily activities of the farm. Now, Joel is happy to say that he has been a coffee producer for over 40 years, he’s proud of it, and he know he owes it to his father who encouraged him to continue growing coffee, to dedicate their lives to coffee. “I work together with my family, it’s a family business.” Joel is proud to say. Joel and his son go out to the fields to harvest the coffee and they are responsible of bringing all the cherries home so that the whole family can help in the post-harvest process. While they are in the fields, his wife and daughter stay preparing the food, which they consider is the most sacred thing at their home. However, all the children and both Joel and his wife, help during the drying process but moving and raking the coffee every now and then.

In 2021, they decided to embark on the journey of focusing on their processes to produce specialty coffee. Joel was excited to add a special value to their product and receive an extra income to sustain his family throughout the love that he has for coffee. Since then, coffee has improved their quality of lives. The most important thing for Joel is that in their farm, they have fun and it’s a moment to unite as a family. They laugh with each other, if someone falls, if an animal appears and scares them, they have a blast producing coffee.

Joel strongly believes that he has one of the best coffees of the region with the varieties that he produces, Bourbon and Typica in a 70% and 30% of Marsellesa. He processes them with really special care, harvesting the ripe cherries, depulping them on that same day, and fermenting inside plastic bags, and then drying under the sun for 4 days.

Farm Varieties
Total Farm Area

4 Hectares

Area in Coffee

4 Hectares








1,214 MASL

Technical info
January – April.
Processing Method




Drying Method

Patio for 5 days.