Jose Eudin Paredes Perez


On the northern department of Cajamarca in Peru, in the municipality of Jaen, we meet with Jose Eudin Perez and his parents, Herminia Perez and Santos Paredes. He grew always surrounded by coffee plants at the farm of his parents, El Shirimbache, and it was in 2019 when his parents decided to step down from managing the farm and since then he is the person in charge. In these past years he has amassed more knowledge about coffee from other farms and friends, which has pushed him to strive for quality and make changes to improve the farm. lt was until 2021, when he took the decision to produce coffee for the specialty market. This motivation carne from achieving better prices and thus helping with the quality of life of his parents.

What currently makes him proud is seeing his parents happy of how the farm is coming along and the quality of the coffee produced. The goals are to always produce better quality coffee, for which he wants to build a solar drier and makes sorne improvements to the wet mili.

At the farm, he has two varieties: Catimor and Bourbon. AII is processed wash, starting with a selective cherry picking of the ripest. Then, at the wet mill, the cherries are put into a container with water where the floaters are taken out. lmmediately, the water is drained, and the good cherries pulped dried. Afterwards, the beans are fermented in closed plastic bags between 36 to 40 hours. For the drying phase, it’s currently made in a patio over plastic to avoid the contact with the soil for roughly 15 days depending on the climate.

Farm Varieties
Total Farm Area
3,25 Hectares
Area in Coffee
3 Hectares
1,800 MASL
Technical info

June – October

Processing Method



150 to Bajeron 100 to Cedro Trees, 100 to Bajeron 50 to Cedro Trees.

Drying Method

Patio for 15 days.