Jose Ignacio Gomez


One of the most stable components in José Ignacio Gómez’s life has been coffee. His father was a lifelong farmer dedicated to the production of coffee, and from a young age, José remembers helping his father on the farm. Through the time spent with his father, José learned a lot about coffee production.

In 2002, looking to test himself, he decided to purchase a farm and began producing coffee on his own. He started off producing conventional coffees, but after a while, he felt he needed a greater challenge and one with greater rewards. This sparked José’s interest in the idea of producing specialty coffee; however, he didn’t want to do it half-heartedly. Not only did José begin learning about the production side of things, but he also learned how to cup and analyze his own coffee, trying to understand how changes on the farm would affect his coffee profile. This change happened in 2003 and proved beneficial as the improved earnings allowed him to enhance the infrastructure of his farm and provide a better quality of life for his family. Over the years, with the growth, José Ignacio has hired a farm manager and a person in charge of fermentation and drying. He has experimented with different processes, always aiming to achieve better coffees and distinct profiles.

José’s involvement and dedication on the farm have led him to make a success of his specialty coffee venture. He understands that producing great quality coffee is only the first step, and finding the right buyer is just as important.

Farm Varieties
Total Farm Area

19 Hectares

Area in Coffee

1.3 Hectares








1,800 MASL

Technical info

Main: April – August
Mitaca: March – April

Processing Method



Limon,  Guabo, Rayo, Leucaena, Naranjo, Naranja, Aguacate.

Drying Method

Beds or strollers or drying  module for 12 days.