Juan Pablo Ortiz


On the district of Vilcabamba, La Convención, south of Peru, Juan Pablo Ortiz has his farm named Juan Pablo 11T. he decision for the name carne from his religiousness as the name is an homage to the late Pope John Paul 11J. uan Pablo has been involved in coffee since 2013, but a major turning point carne in 2019. That year, he had an internship on the farm of Dwight Aguilar, Cup of Excellence winner. Dwight Aguilar motivated him, talking about the positive changes he had had in his life and explained the beneflts of producing specialty coffee, which of course requires effort, but the end result is gratifying.

With the spark lighted, Juan Pablo went into the production of specialty coffee. Before Juan Pablo started producing high-quality coffee, his coffee production was more traditional, but once he got into specialty coffee and learned more, his production and farm management became more technical. With the visits of the PECA technician of Caravela, he has learned new ways of doing the fermentation or carrying on a proper drying, which has helped in improving the quality of his coffee. With these coffee trees, Juan Pablo has pacay trees intermixed for shade.

Regarding the work on the farm, Juan Pablo lives alone and handles everything, but when he needs help for specif1c tasks, he hires neighbors. In sorne cases, among neighbors, they carry out an ayni, which consists of a group of neighbors helping on one farm and then, as reciprocity, helping the other farm. Juan Pablo is proud of what he has been able to achieve and the results he has gotten from his Geisha trees.

For his coffee process, Juan Pablo starts with a manual picking of the cherries, trying to pick only the ripe ones. The cherries are then taken to the wet mili at the farm and pulped the same day. Afterward, the coffee is fermented in a closed container for a period of 36 hours and subsequently washed. The coffee is then taken to his solar dryer where he wants to have a slow drying during a period of 22 days and raking severa! times during the day. When it has reached its ideal humidity point, Juan Pablo will then take the coffee to Caravela’s purchasing station.

Farm Varieties
Total Farm Area

1,5 Hectares

Area in Coffee

1,5 Hectares


La Convención




1,987 MASL

Technical info

April August.

Processing Method




Drying Method

Patio for 22 days.