Juana Lopez Jacinto



In Juana’s region, everyone is involved in coffee. Juana, her husband Raymundo, their family and neighbors have always been dedicated to cultivating this product from which they live. “My parents taught me how to work with coffee since I was in my early 20s, and today it’s a family tradition.” As a child, she fondly recalls she used to deliver tortillas to workers in the coffee plantations and enjoyed watching them work. Today, Juana produces her own coffee and hires her workers. This farm is also special because she could buy it with her family. “We all produce coffee in the region, which becomes an income that helps us maintain and care for our family. It also becomes a passion with which we work every day,” says Juana.

Finca La Sombra got its name because the coffee trees are surrounded by many native trees that allow the coffee to grow organically and in the shade. The farm is also located near a watercourse, and Juana firmly believes that the moisture and good light the coffee receives from the location allow her to produce great coffee. “I want consumers of my coffee to know that the coffee produced at Finca La Sombra is 100% organically grown and harvested with love. I really love this product,” says Juana.

Juan does all the processing on the farm, selectively picking the cherries, dry fermenting the coffee for an average of 36 hours (without water), and carefully drying it on concrete patios covered with palm mats, or “petates” in Spanish”, to avoid direct contact with the soil. Lastly, she grows the famous variety Pluma Hidalgo (Typica) on her farm.

Farm Varieties
Total Farm Area


Area in Coffee

2.5 Hectares




San Pedro El Alto




1,668 MASL

Technical info

November – February 

Processing Method




Drying Method

patio for 5  days.