Kevin Reyes Ramirez


The region of Cajamarca in Peru is known for the expectational quality of coffee that can be found there. lt is here, where we meet Kevin Ramirez at the district of San Ignacio. He takes us to his farm, aptly named Coffee Flower after one day he saw his coffee plants flowering and decided on the spot to name his coffee this way due to his excitement. Although Kevin started his own coffee production of coffee, his recollection on how his passion from coffee began, was since a little boy because of his mother; Maria. She has been a key figure in his journey in coffee, as she was the first person to introduce him to this fruit and teach him all about it. Maria was the person who encouraged him to have his own farm and who, until this day, helps him at the farm with management and making sure the coffee dries evenly. Kevin very much enjoys coffee, having at his farm only Bourbon and since 2020 decided to switch his focus towards producing quality coffee. This change has improved his quality of lite as well as that of her mom, as he is getting a good price for his coffee and improving his drying and wet mili areas. Another important aspect, that he acknowledges, has been the advice given by the PECA technician which has allowed him to improve his process and thus cup quality. In this journey of seeking quality, he has been able to become a role model in his area.

As per the goals Kevin has been to improve his processing area to be able to achieve a better quality and process more coffee. Kevin wants to let you know “I want to express my satisfaction for having my product, for which 1 give my all to produce with the help of my family, so that you can enjoy it in the best way possible.”

Farm Varieties
Total Farm Area
2 Hectares
Area in Coffee
1 Hectares

San Ignacio

1,650 MASL
Technical info

May – October

Processing Method



30 to Guabas, 10 to Cedro Trees.

Drying Method

Beds or strollers or drying module for 15 days