Luis Maycooll Chinguel


Luis Maycooll is a young coffee producer with high aspirations in the coffee industry, and he’s been working toward his goals one step at a time. His farm, Los Romerillos, is named after the romerillo trees at his farm, which is located in the province of San Ignacio. Luis Maycooll hails from a lineage of coffee farmers, being the third generation. He has been involved in coffee since a young age, learning the ropes from his father. Along his coffee production journey, he has acquired knowledge in various areas, including effective farm management to ensure profitability. When he shifted his focus to producing high-quality coffees, his life took a positive turn. He improved his drying area, wet mill, and overall quality of life. He receives assistance from his older brother on the farm to produce exceptional coffee. Luis Maycoll takes pride in his achievements and the coffee varieties he has cultivated. However, his main challenge is to consistently produce high-quality micro lots. He appreciates that you are enjoying his coffee and hopes that one day you can visit his farm to share experiences over a cup of coffee.

Luis Maycoll processes all his coffee using the washed process. It always begins with meticulous manual cherry selection, picking only the ripest cherries. These selected cherries are then transported to the on-site wet mill, where they undergo flotation to remove any defective ones and foreign materials. Following this step, the cherries are packed in GrainPro bags without water and left for 48 hours before pulping. After pulping, the coffee is repacked in the same GrainPro bags for another 48 hours and then washed. Upon completion, the coffee is transferred to raised beds in the drying area, where it will take between 12 to 18 days, depending on the climate, to reach its ideal humidity level.

Farm Varieties
Total Farm Area

3 Hectares

Area in Coffee

3 Hectares


San Ignacio




1,914  MASL

Technical info

May – October

Processing Method
Drying Method

Canopy or solar tent or roof for 12 days.