Mauricio Shattah


Offering beautiful panoramic views of the Nevado del Tolima – an active snowcapped stratovolcano with its summit at almost 5,300 m.a.s.l., La Negrita is a special place with unique climatic characte- ristics. The farm, which altitude goes from 1,800 to 2,350 meters above sea level, sits in the canyon of the Combeima River, a narrow canyon where the cool winds from the Nevado meet the warm breeze that rises from the Magdalena River valley. As a consequen- ce, the farm has as permanent dew almost every morning, helping to keep the climate cool throughout the year and the coffee trees natu- rally shaded year-round as the farm rarely receives much sunlight. It also boasts four natural water springs and rich volcanic soils. The combination of a unique microclimate and rich soils are key to the unique terroir that the coffee exudes, no matter how it is processed.

Mauricio graduated in medicine and specialized as a radiation onco- logist, having for more than 20 years his own medical practice in Bogota. An entrepreneur at heart, two decades ago he founded one of Colombia’s first specialty coffee roasting companies and also owned a very famous Mediterranean themed restaurant. Falling in love with coffee and frustrated with the quality of it, one day he decided to buy his own farm to produce his own coffee and retire from medicine. After almost 5 years searching for the right one, in 2014 he found the perfect spot near Ibague. He decided to name the farm after his wife’s nickname: “Mi Negrita Linda”, with it finally ending up as just La Negrita.

Since the beginning, Mauricio has applied his scientific and medical background to produce coffee that is both unique and exemplary. The farm has more than 20 exotic varietals planted and offers multi- ple processing methods to suit all tastes and push the boundaries of experimentation. 90% of the area in Finca la Negrita is made up of forest reserve which has generated an impressive biodiversity, increasing the population of birds, insects, bees, butterflies, and other fauna! At Finca la Negrita, fertilization is mostly organic by using their own farm-made compost, and the few times that chemi- cals are applied, the microorganisms that they add are able to dissolve these chemicals. Mauricio is constantly looking for new techniques and methods, always striving for THE perfect cup of coffee.

Farm Varieties
Total Farm Area

200 Hectares

Area in Coffee

20 Hectares




Villa Restrepo




1,800 – 2,350 MASL

Technical info

First semester: May – September 
Second semester: November- February

Processing Method

Cherries are carefully selected by hand and processed by anaerobic fermentations adding some yeasts. Carries out various processes such as naturales, honeys, and semi-washed.


Native trees such as Guamos, Cachafrutos, Higuerillo, Trompeto, and Plantains

Drying Method

Dried on raised beds, inside temperature and humidity- controlled environment